Route to Good Life!


Mostly  we are made to feel that our achievements are merely the end result of our hard work when, in fact the most enjoyable,  meaningful and memorable parts of our lives are often not the milestones themselves, but rather, they are what we discover during the process.

We don’t know many people who would talk about the day they graduated as the best experience of their lives. On the contrary, we know many, many people, who would talk about how much they loved their time as a student, the friends they made, the nights out, the partying, the laughter at their failures, the exam panics, their frantic love lives, the joy of student discounts at cool diners like Johnny Rockets, not worrying about too many responsibilities, doing weird stuff like dipping French fries in a thick creamy glass of their favorite shake and just being happy & grateful to make it through to another student year.

Some things never really change, we keep going through the same challenges our whole lives, always hoping one day we’re going to make it. There’s no end though.

If you didn’t live within that moment though, if you didn’t stop to take a deep breath, if you didn’t focus on the present, let yourself go and immersed yourself in it, with no flicker of guilt of what you did yesterday, and no worries of what could have happened tomorrow.

Let’s not forget the fact that nobody has reached their destination. Everybody is on a journey.

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